Information of hotspring

 Sodium-chloride hot spring springing from 1,500m underground

It is a alkalescent water quality with a pH of 8.5, featuring slimy touch feeling and beautiful light green color.
Because it contains salt, it gets warmed well, and the after a bath skin is smooth.
This hot water is distributed in a warm water circulation type without adding water to the 3 types of open-air areas and 4 types of inner water which become all except the water bath.
In some bathtubs, pouring hot water is used in combination.

 Indoor Bath

Using natural hot springs in all bathtubs, you can enjoy jet baths as well as high pressure baths that receive a jet stream of jet nozzles while lying down.


 Carbonated Spring

Maximum 20 people can take a bath simultaneously.
By making a big bath in a carbonated spring, you can enjoy carbonated springs without worrying about other people.
Take a bath in a lukewarm bath of around 38 ℃ around 10 to 15 minutes as a guide.


 Open-air Bath

Looking at the Chichibu mountain in the west,open-air area where Mt.Fuji is on a sunny day,a structure that prioritizes the feeling of opening,Bathing while feeling the wind from the river is exceptional.
"The open-air bath" is a size that 15 to 16 people can relax.
The most popular is three "Tsubo-yu" which was made higher by concrete embedded with pebbles stimulating the soles of the sole. Fresh water is injected from the bamboo tube, you can enjoy the smell of hot water.
The view is also the best.